Monday, October 6, 2014

National Day of Prayer Tues. Oct 7

Tuesday, October 7th is a National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding. This observance is part of Mental Illness Awareness Week (the first full week of October each year).

In your own devotions, stop to take a second look at your own understanding of mental illness. What does "mental illness" mean? The phrase is vague. Many persons with "mental illness" live lives we would consider normal, as capable as those not stamped with the "mental illness" label. These persons need prayer as much as the rest of us but not pity. Spare a prayer for them that they escape the stigma of "disease".

Spare a prayer for those whose condition does bring them suffering and confusion - mild or severe. May the Lord especially be with all those in another's care. May that care keep them safe. Pray for those who provide care - whether professionals or family. Care is a hard task when faced every day. Some are and some are not equipped to handle the strain.

On Tuesday and on any other day, spare a prayer for those with mental illness - mild or severe - for those whose role is support and care, and for the people of world to learn and understand.

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