Friday, October 3, 2014

A Season of Saints

Throughout the month of October the global Church will celebrate the great cloud of witnesses - the saints that make up the Body of Christ's Church. The following excerpts are taken from the UMC lectionary planning calendar worship suggestions for October:
Each week, we’re asking you to consider highlighting, in some way, an historical Christian saint, a saint who is part of our United Methodist heritage, and a saint you know personally in your congregation or community. You can remember them in prayers, create special bulletin inserts, or Tweet links about them during the week between Sundays. Exactly how you keep this season is yours to create and have fun with.
Suggestions for each Sunday:
In addition to these people (I listed them below) plan also to recognize at least two other saints: one from your congregation and one from another congregation. To help you share your stories and find stories of others, we've set up a page describing this project on the United Methodist Worship blog. Just leave your story in the comments section. 
     And personally, I would assume a special person - a "saint" we hold dear - need not be dead to be celebrated. But that's just me...

October 5: World Communion Sunday
                  Christian Saint: Francis of Assisi (died October 4, 1226)
                  United Methodist Saint: Mary McLeod Bethune (died May 18, 1955)
October 12: Children's Sabbath
                  Christian Saint: John Woolman
                  United Methodist Saint: Jeannie Fowler Willing
October 19: Laity Sunday
                  Christian Saint: Luke the Evangelist
                  United Methodist Saint: Lizzie Hoffman
October 26: Christian Saints: Yona Kanamuzeyi and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, martyrs
                  United Methodist Saint:Sarah Crosby
November 2: All Saints Sunday
                  Christian Saint: Kahkewaquonaby (Peter Jones)
                  United Methodist Saint:Jacob Albright

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