Friday, November 21, 2014

Christ the King Sunday - November 23, 2014

This Sunday marks the close of Ordinary Time after Pentecost, as well as the conclusion of the “standard” Christian liturgical year. This day was first celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church in 1925 in response to attempts by governments in Mexico and elsewhere to declare themselves the ultimate authority in the lives and even the religions of their subjects. 

The image above of the Church of Christ the King in Guanajuato, Mexico, captures the celebration of the Mexican people set free from a period of oppression as a sign of Christ the King who looses every bond, breaks every yoke, and sets captives free.

Today functions as is a “segue Sunday.” After today, we move from the end of one liturgical year to the beginning of the next, from Ordinary Time to Advent, from readings in Matthew to readings in Mark.

All good segues create both closure and room for a new opening. Starting next week, with a different gospel, the focus may start to be more on how awareness of the end of all things prepares us for the celebration of the Incarnation that we keep during Christmas Season.

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