Thursday, June 13, 2013


As I was sitting, thinking about how wonderful Sherman is as a community, I was also thinking about Sherman's role in the greater community. What is the "greater community?" Community might be geographical, political, religious, cultural, economic, or any one of so many more. The role we play may vary enormously with the definition and extent of the community in which we involve ourselves.

Sherman UMC is a wonderful community that is capable of doing and DOES do wonderful things. We have specific talents gifted to us for God's purpose. We have a lot to give and by giving we gain more. Two of Sherman's greatest assets are our amazing internal community and our willingness to involve ourselves in the world.

This month at Annual Conference, Sherman Methodist was awarded two important accolades. The first is that we paid 100% of our apportionments! The second was a recognition of our support of our Children's program. I have posted pictures of the certificates on the website. Also we are blessed that Pastor Berry has been appointed to serve Sherman for another conference year. This marks his tenth here at Sherman!

I am so proud to be a part of the Sherman community, and I am so proud of what Sherman does both inside and outside the church's walls. Let's keep it up, and let's do even more! Our possibilities are endless. May God continue to bless Sherman Methodist, our ministries, and our wonderful members. May he increase our portion, and may His hand be with us always to keep us from hurt and harm. Amen. (adapted from the prayer of Jabez 1Chron. 4:10 NRSV)

Go forth in love, in community, and in Christ with His blessings.

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